COVID-19: Has FHA waived the requirement for providing a Borrower signed occupancy certification when filing a HECM Claim Type 22 assignment claim?

FHA has announced in FHA INFO #21-07 a temporary partial waiver of the HECM Claim Type 22 (CT 22) Assignment Requests policy from Mortgagee Letter (ML) 2017-05 allowing Mortgagees to submit an Assignment Request without having to obtain a signature from the HECM borrower on an occupancy certification. 

This requirement is being temporarily waived due to difficulties some HECM borrowers may be experiencing in receiving and sending mail and other correspondence due to COVID-19-related difficulties. This temporary waiver is effective through December 31, 2021.

Mortgagees are required, however, to continue to obtain annual occupancy certifications from HECM borrowers.
Mortgagees must continue following the other instructions for submitting a HECM Claim Type 22 provided in ML 2017-05.
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