How does a Mortgagee confirm and address the issuance of a Notice of Return (NOR) on a Case Binder submitted for endorsement?

FHA is requesting FHA-approved Mortgagees who received a NOR from a paper Case Binder submission that they sent into the Homeownership Centers to upload the required documentation to address the NOR electronic through the new FHA Catalyst: Case Binder Module.  If additional information is needed the Mortgagee will be notified through FHA Connection. 

If the NOR was issued on an electronic file submitted through the FHA Catalyst: Case Binder Module only the documentation needed to address the NOR needs to be re-submitted in the FHA Catalyst.

We are requesting all FHA-approved non LI Mortgagees obtain access to the application so they can have their NORs and other FHA Case Binders endorsed through the FHA Catalyst electronic document submission process.

NOTE:  There may be some delay in the process from when a loan is moved from NOR status in the FHA Catalyst application to when the NOR information is showing in FHA Connection.  We request mortgage companies go back into FHA Connection at a later time period to obtain the details of the NOR.

FHA Catalyst: Case Binder Module User Guide is available on the FHA Catalyst: Case Binder Module Website            

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