How can I resolve FHA Catalyst: Case Binder Module Common User Errors or System Issues?

The following is a list of common FHA Catalyst: Case Binder Module user errors or system issues and their resolution:
Internet Browser Recommendations:
The FHA Catalyst does not work with Internet Explorer.  It is recommended that you use Google Chrome or any other browser (excluding Internet Explorer).
Please disable any Ad Blocker software in Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
FHA Catalyst Hours of Operation:
The FHA Catalyst hours of operation is 24/7.  There could be maintenance windows where the application may be unavailable.  This system maintenance is generally completed outside of the normal FHA Resource Center business hours of 8am to 8pm ET.
Accepted File Types:
The FHA Catalyst system only accepts either PDF or Zip files.  Users will receive a “File Upload” error message if they attempt to upload any other file types into the FHA Catalyst application.  FHA recognizes mortgage companies utilize Loan Servicing Software (LOS) that store their files in a MISMO format.   These MISMO formatted files will need to be converted into a PDF or Zip file so they can be uploaded into the FHA Catalyst application.   We recommend lenders reach out to their Loan Servicing Software companies or the lender’s IT support team for assistance with this process.   It is also important that you are utilizing Google Chrome as your internet browser with the FHA Catalyst application. 
In the event you are uploading a PDF or Zip file and this error message is still being generated this is most likely due to a network issue.  The FHA Catalyst IT trouble shooting team has found a number of mortgagee’s block the uploading of files from their network into the FHA Catalyst – Case Binder Module & Claims Application.  FHA is requesting mortgagees to reach out directly to our email account if a “File Upload” error message is being received.   The FHA Catalyst IT team will work with the mortgagee’s IT Network team to allow access to upload which is generally accomplished by the mortgagee whitelisting the URL.
Error File Cannot Be Uploaded
This issue could be caused by a corporate VPN network that the user is connected to, which is blocking access to API URLs used in the application. Please follow the steps below:  Open a browser (Chrome or Firefox) and browse to

  • If you see an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, then most likely your VPN or corporate network is blocking the underlying API URLs. Please work with your Information Technology department to update the VPN/network configuration to whitelist the following domains:*
  • If you see a “Healthy” message upon entry of the URL, and still receive the “File Upload Error”, please email and include the screenshots of the error in the

Formatting the FHA Case Number:
The FHA Catalyst – Case Binder Module requires lenders to add a “-“ dash after the third number or prefix of the FHA Case number. If a dash is not entered in the case number as it exists in FHA Connection after the third number an error message will be displayed. 
FHA Connection Not Updated with FHA Catalyst Status:
The FHA Catalyst application is not linked with FHA Connection.  Please allow (3) business days for processing updates in FHA Connection.   There are future plans for the integration of these applications.  We appreciate your patience.
Additional FHA Catalyst Assistance:
A user guide for the FHA Catalyst: Case Binder Module is available on the FHA Catalyst : Case Binder Module Website.  
This guide includes helpful directions for logins, password resets, submitting a Case Binder, and viewing previously uploaded Case Binder Details (including the current status).

For additional information, see:
Mortgagee Letter 2020-07 available at:
HQ Policy Determination

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