Am I able to submit additional information or update my response while the request is in the “Under Review by FHA” status in LRS?

After the Mortgagee has entered a response to all unacceptable Findings in the Loan Review System (LRS) and the Complete Wrap-Up button is clicked, the case will move from Response Request to the Under Review by FHA section on the Active Reviews screen and automatically advances to the next review level.  No additional updates, corrections or submissions can be made by the Mortgagee until FHA completes its review of the response submission.
Mortgagees may open a case that is Under Review by FHA to see a history of Findings as of the last response, including FHA comments.  For cases under review at the Initial  level, no Findings or comments will appear. 
If FHA has any additional comments or requirements, the review will appear in the Response Request section of the Mortgagee’s Active Reviews screen.  Mortgagees may rebut any Finding by responding in LRS with supporting information/documentation.   
The process for responding to Findings or submitting additional documentation is the same at all review levels. 
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