COVID-19: What evidence does the mortgagee need to retain to support the borrower’s request to delay submission of a Due and Payable request in accordance with ML 2020-06 for the COVID-19 National Emergency?

There are no documentation requirements for this extension, but FHA encourages Mortgagees to maintain complete servicing notes including information regarding the Borrowers’ request.

Eligible Borrowers, impacted directly or indirectly by COVID-19, may request approval from their Mortgage servicer for a HECM Due and Payable Extension Period.  Requests for a HECM Due and Payable extension must be made by the Borrower on or before June 30, 2021.  
For additional information related to the COVID-19 HECM Due and Payable Extension Period see Mortgagee Letters 2021-05, 2021-04, 2020-44, 2020-34, 2020-22, and 2020-06 available at:

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