Are property inspections required for borrowers participating in a Special Forbearance (SFB)-Unemployment Agreement?

The Mortgagee must conduct any review it deems necessary, including a property inspection, when the Mortgagee has reason to believe that the physical conditions of the Property adversely impact the Borrower’s use or ability to support the debt as follows:
  • financial information provided by the Borrower shows large expenses for property maintenance;
  • the Mortgagee receives notice from local government or other third parties regarding property condition; or
  • the Property may be affected by a disaster event in the area.
If significant maintenance costs contributed to the Default or are affecting the Borrower’s ability to make payments under the Mortgage or Special Forbearance (SFB)-Unemployment Agreement, the Mortgagee may provide in the SFB-Unemployment Agreement a period of mortgage forbearance during which repairs specified in the agreement will be completed at the Borrower’s expense.
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