Can Mortgagees utilize an independent third party to conduct foreclosure and post-foreclosure sales?

An Independent Third-Party Provider is a party that conducts the foreclosure sale or additional Post-Foreclosure Sales Efforts, including marketing efforts in support of such sales under Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) procedures, and who is not one of the following:
  • an Affiliate or subsidiary of the Mortgagee;
  • any Entity over which the Mortgagee has significant influence; or
  • any Entity with which the Mortgagee has a conflict of interest in fact or appearance.
Where permitted by the jurisdiction, the Mortgagee may utilize an independent third-party provider to market the Property prior to any foreclosure or Post-Foreclosure Sale Efforts or to conduct such sales to ensure maximum competition for both the foreclosure sale and Post-Foreclosure Sales. 
The Mortgagee may only use an independent third-party provider that agrees, in writing, to share sales and auction reporting information with the Mortgagee and HUD. 
For successful third-party sales, HUD will reimburse expenses relating to the Mortgagee’s use of an independent third-party provider to market or conduct the foreclosure sale or Post-Foreclosure Sales Efforts, provided the Property was marketed for a minimum of 15 Days before each scheduled sale. HUD will reimburse such independent third-party provider expenses incurred for successful third-party sales up to an amount that does not exceed:
  • 3 percent of the Property’s sales price where the independent third-party provider markets the Property, but does not conduct the sale; or
  • 5 percent of the Property’s sales price where the independent third-party provider markets the Property and conducts the sale. 
Closing costs of the sale are to be paid by the third-party purchaser or the Mortgagee. Revenue sharing agreements of the reimbursed fee between the Mortgagee and the independent third-party provider are prohibited.

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HUD’s Independent third-party providers standard is located in Handbook 4000.1, Section III.A.2.p.iv(A)-(B) available at:
Mortgagee Letter 2020-21 is available at:

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