Can I use an FHA mortgage to purchase a condominium?

Yes, the 203(b) program insures lenders against losses for FHA mortgages secured by a unit in a condominium project building, for mortgage terms up to 30 years.   The condominium project must be approved for participation under FHA guidelines.  

Generally, projects must contain at least two dwelling units; can be detached, or semidetached, a row house, a walk-up, or an elevator structure.   The loan is made by an approved FHA lender, such as a mortgage company, bank, or savings and loan association, and is insured by FHA which is part of HUD.   Any creditworthy potential owner-occupant who meets FHA underwriting criteria and will make the condominium unit their principal residence is eligible for a mortgage insured under this program.   There are additional owner-occupancy restrictions for insured condominium loans.   

To find out if a particular condominium project is FHA approved, visit the following HUD website: 

To locate an FHA approved lender go to:

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