Can an FHA-approved Mortgagee use non-employees as Loan Officers?

No. The Mortgagee may use contract support for administrative, human resources, and clerical functions that include:

  • clerical assistance;
  • mortgage processing (typing of mortgage documents, mailing and collecting verification forms, ordering credit reports, and/or preparing for endorsement and shipping mortgages to the Purchasing Mortgagee);
  • ministerial tasks in mortgage servicing (processing of a foreclosure action, preservation and protection, and/or tax services);
  • legal functions;
  • Third Party Verification Services (TPV);
  • Quality Control; and
  • human resources services (payroll processing, payment of employment taxes and the provision of employee benefits) provided by a professional employer organization or a similar entity.  

For additional information see:
Handbook 4000.1 Section I.A.6.j at

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Topic Number: KA-05121