Must values be passed from the AUS to TOTAL for all fields, even if there is no value to pass?

A value must be passed from the Automated Underwriting System (AUS) to TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard (TOTAL) for all required fields.  When all of the required fields are not delivered the loan cannot be scored and will receive an error code.
For more information on specific fields see the Developer's Guide at the following link:
TOTAL Developer's Guide–SOAP MISMO:

Additional Notes:

  • DTD Element Name - If the DTD element name does not match the names listed in the requirements the loan will receive an error code. 
  • Gifts - The Gift Source field requires the source for the largest donor.  If there are two gifts from different sources that are equal in amount, either may be provided. 
  • The Non-Profit/Religious/Community gifts field refers to non-seller funded gifts. The wording is specific because there were instances when a seller provided funds to a borrower through a nonprofit/religious/community organization. These types of contributions are considered seller concessions and not gifts. 
  • Required Investment/Debt Payoff - The amount provided should include amounts required for the transaction itself and not any additional amount required for debt payoff.  If the borrower is paying off debt to qualify and that debt is not included in the borrower’s ratios, the amount provided for Assets After Closing should reflect that payoff. 
  • Seller Concession Amount - For TOTAL, Seller Concessions are defined as the amount the seller and/or interested third party may contribute toward buyer's closing costs, prepaid items, discount points, Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium (UFMIP), and Interest Rate Buydowns.  All amounts are included, as well as any in excess of contribution limits (concessions that result in a reduction to the sales price). 
  • Borrower Paid Closing Costs - Premium pricing (negative discount points) should not be included in Borrower Paid Closing Costs or Seller Concessions fields.

Lenders should contact their AUS Vendor with any questions.

For additional information please visit HUD’s TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard web page at:


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