How does a lender reinstate a case number canceled in error on an FHA loan?

The FHA-approved holding lender may request reinstatement of a canceled case number by submitting a request to the FHA Resource Center at The email must include:
  • “Case Reinstatement” and the FHA Case Number in the Subject Line
  • lender name, email address, telephone number and contact information
  • the reason for case number reinstatement
  • the completed Case Reinstatement Request Form
  • the Closing Disclosure (CD) as a PDF attachment, if applicable 
 Case numbers that were automatically canceled will be reinstated only if the lender provides evidence that the subject mortgage closed prior to cancellation of the case number, such as the Closing Disclosure (CD) or similar legal document. Only one case reinstatement request may be sent per email. Please do not send a request multiple times. 
The Case Reinstatement Request Form is available on the Case Processing Requirements web page at
Handbook 4000.1 II.A.1.a.iii(B)(3)(c) is available at


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