How can I find a list of nonprofit agencies that are approved to do business with FHA?

FHA requires nonprofits and Nonprofit Instrumentalities of Government (NPIOG) to obtain approval and be placed on the HUD Nonprofit Roster to participate in FHA’s Single Family nonprofit programs.
HUD’s Nonprofit Roster is available at:  
Nonprofits and NPIOGs may be approved to: 
  • Purchase homes at a discount from HUD, and purchase properties from HUD, without a discount, during the exclusive listing period for owner-occupant purchasers;
  • Obtain FHA-insured financing (under the same terms as an owner-occupant); and/or
  • Provide secondary financing assistance to homebuyers utilizing FHA insurance on a first Mortgage when that assistance is secured with a second Mortgage or lien.
  • FHA approval is not required for federal, state, and local government agencies and instrumentalities of government (that are not also nonprofits). Since FHA approval is not required, these agencies are not listed on the roster.  
  • Section 115 Entities, as identified in Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code, do not require approval to participate in FHA’s Nonprofit Secondary Financing program.

For additional information see Handbook 4000.1 I.B.4.b. at
The  FHA-Approved Nonprofits web page is available at  

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