How do I apply for placement on the FHA Appraiser Roster?

To apply for placement on the FHA Appraiser Roster:

1. Go to 

2. Enter your Personal Information, Contact Information, and License Information. Up to 5 State Licenses may be entered and the license/certification numbers must be entered exactly as they appear on the National Registry or you will receive an error message.

3. Read the Appraiser Certification and check the box if you agree.

4. Click Send.

5. If the entered information is accepted a warning appears indicating the application information was entered successfully however the process is not complete.

6. Click Generate the Application Form.

7. Print and sign the form and scan all pages of the form into one PDF file.

8. Scan each of your State Licenses separately into PDF files.

9. Use the Browse button in the License Information section to upload a PDF copy of each State License.

10. Use the Browse button in the Upload Application section to upload the PDF copy of the signed application.

11. Click Send.

12. A warning message appears stating the application has been successfully submitted to HUD for review and an email will be sent once the review is complete.

HUD will review and accept or reject the application. The application may not be amended until HUD completes the review.

If the application is accepted you are added to the FHA Appraiser Roster.

If the application is rejected an explanation is provided in the email notification. You may submit another application when the issue is resolved and all requirements are met.

For more information about the FHA roster for appraisers please visit

Handbook 4000.1 I.B.1.b available at:

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