How does a Real Estate Agent update their real estate license information on the HUD Homes site?

To make changes to your license information you must log-in in to the HUD Homes site at

After you have logged in click the Bidder Functions link on the top right of the screen.

Click Manage Profile.

Scroll down to NAID Information.

Activate/Deactivate License
To deactivate a license, click the red X to the right of the license that you want to remove. A record of this license will be kept on the Inactive Licenses tab. If you wish to reactivate the license you will have to re-enter it on the Active Licenses tab.

License Expiration Date
When you renew your real estate license and receive a new license expiration date from the state, you must manually update the license expiration date on the HUD Homes site.

If your license expiration date passes and you have not updated your information, you will not be able to submit bids until you re-enter your license information in your profile.

For a video on how to update your license information on the HUD Homes website go to Click “Help” in the gray bar at the top right corner of the main page, and view one of the appropriate videos: “Updating Your RE License Expiration Date”, “Updating a License that’s Expired on HUD Home Store” or “Inactivating a License on HUD Homestore.”

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Topic Number: KA-03976