How do Associate Brokers and Selling Agents register on the HUDHomestore website?

Associate Brokers and Selling Agents register on the HUD Homestore site using their personal Real Estate license number and their Principal Broker’s Name and Address Identification (NAID) Number.

If the Associate Broker or Selling Agent holds licenses in more than one state, they can register all the licenses in one profile. This can be done by using a single NAID where the Principal Broker registered with multiple state licenses on their registration, or by registering with a different NAID for each state. Each license and NAID combination must be unique.

Note: You cannot register with multiple Principal Brokers in the same state since your state license can be registered only once for a given state.

For a video on how to register on the website go to, click “Help” in the gray bar in the top right corner of the main page, and view “Registering a Selling Agent or Associate Broker”.

For instructions in PDF format go to: 

The applicant may send a request for additional information by email to or call the FHA Resource Center at 1-800-225-5342.

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