How does a Principal Broker register on the website?

Principal Brokers must obtain a Name and Address Identification Number (NAID) from HUD and then register as a Bidder at:

The Principal Broker must register first on the HUD HomeStore site, before associate brokers or selling agents can proceed with their own registration.

The Principal Broker registers with their NAID, Social Security Number (SSN)/Employer Identification Number (EIN) and email address listed on Line 14 of the SAMS-1111 screen. A Principal Broker’s NAID can be registered only once. If the Broker holds licenses in several states, these can be registered under a single NAID. License information is pulled from the NAID Application. If the License information is missing or incorrect, the Principal Broker will need to log into the NAID Application Portal and update the information.

  • On the home page, in the upper right corner, click on the Bidder link;
  • For the NAID Type, select Selling/Listing Broker, then for the Role, select Principal Broker;
  • On the Principal Broker Verification screen, select the appropriate tax ID type (as identified at Prescreening and Registration), enter the SSN/EIN, the NAID number, and Principal Broker email address, click Continue;
  • The system matches the entries from your NAID application;
  • Create a Username (Note: More than one option may be needed due to the number of registered individuals), enter a Password (twice), and answer two Security Questions;
  • Select the check box agreeing to the terms and conditions for using the site, check the “I am not a robot” box, and click Submit;
  • The system will confirm the completed registration.

Use of the Google Chrome browser is strongly recommended when accessing the NAID Application Portal.

For instructions on how to register on the website go to:, then click "Help" in the gray bar at the top right corner of the main page, and view "Registering as a Bidder."

The applicant may send a request for additional information by email to: or call the FHA Resource Center at: 1-800-225-5342.

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