Where can I find support for course registration or accessing ECLASS?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the ECLASS support team via email at helpdesk@hudnsc.org 

For general questions and/or class availability concerns, please contact the ECLASS administration team via email at eclass@hud.gov

When emailing, please include as much information as possible relating to the problem, including print screen(s) of the error. Additionally, answers to most questions can be found in the ECLASS User Manual.

The ECLASS (Electronic Courses on Loss Mitigation and Servicing System) web page is located at https://eclass.hudnsc.org/index.cshtml?specialKey=yOjchkmNuRmkYAPJYaX7/7NwYg7fOCrAIgsB3Syvuek=  or

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