How do I gain access and logon to LEAP?

Lender employees with a valid FHA Connection (FHAC) User ID must obtain the required authorization from their Application Coordinator to access the Lender Electronic Assessment Portal (LEAP).

Auditors with a valid Secure System Independent User ID (I-ID) must obtain the required authorization from their clients Application Coordinator to access LEAP in order to assist the lender with its annual audit submission.

The lender's Application Coordinator grants the authorization for both lender employees and auditors through the FHAC ID Maintenance function.

To access LEAP, Lenders and Auditors login through FHAC. The Audit firm's Independent Public Accountant (IPA) will access LEAP via FHA Connection. After the IPA logs in, a Unique IPA Identifier (UII) number must be entered.   To register for a UII, see IPA Registration and Assignment Instructions on the LEAP Information web page at:

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Topic Number: KA-03617