Can time served on active military duty count toward occupancy for the GNND Program?

Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) program participants who are called to active military duty at posts outside the commuting area of the home purchased under the GNND Program may be unable to satisfy the three year occupancy requirement. For these individuals, HUD will credit all time served on active military duty against the three-year occupancy requirement.

Properties sold under the GNND Program are located in revitalization areas of metropolitan cities. To lessen the impact of vacant properties on these neighborhoods, HUD will allow GNND participants called to active military duty to rent their homes during their absence. The term of the rental should not exceed the estimated period of active duty. GNND Program participants will be expected to resume residence in the property once they are released from a remote duty assignment.

GNND participants may request this special accommodation by sending a written request, along with a copy of:
(1) Active Duty Orders, (2) Power of Attorney, and (3) Rental Agreement (if applicable) to:

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This policy is in the waiver “Section 204 Of The National Housing Act Waiver Of Requirements Under 24 CFR 291.210 (a)" for active duty military participating in the GNND Program at:

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