How do I check status of my endorsement request?

The mortgagee can confirm the endorsement status of a mortgage using FHA Connection (FHAC) or the FHA Connection Business to Government (FHAC-B2G) application.

For confirmation of the endorsement status of multiple loans, the originator or sponsor may use the FHAC MIC/NOR List transaction or the FHAC B2G Mass Case Query transaction to obtain a list of cases endorsed within a specific time period at the branch or corporate level. This function provides a list of all case numbers endorsed within a specified date parameter.

For individual loans, the originator or sponsor may use either the FHAC or FHAC B2G Case Query to determine if the mortgage was endorsed by examining the ''last action'' field for ''INSURED''.

For additional information see Handbook 4000.1 II.A.7.e.ii available at

 FHA Connection Guide

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