What are the application and registration instructions for the HECM Counselor Roster?

HECM counselors must use FHA Connection to apply for placement on the HECM Counselor Roster. Application and registration instructions are available at:





1. Complete the online application at https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/f17counselor-application.cfm  - Faxed and mailed applications will not be accepted.

• HECM counselors employed by more than one agency can enter the Housing Counseling System ID of each employing agency on the HECM Roster application; and inform the agencies and FHAC Application Coordinators.

2. Click on the Send button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Confirm that all information on the next screen is accurate.

4. Click on the link at the top of the form that says Generate Application Form.

5. Print the completed form HUD-92904; and sign and date it.

6. Scan the application and any training documentation (matching training listed on the application) into PDF files - Refer to the HELP Link at the top of the application page

7. Upload the PDF files to the Roster application.

HUD will review the application and notify the counselor via email in 7-10 days stating if it is approved or rejected, including any reason(s) for rejection. More information is available at:

After submitting the application, counselors must apply through FHAC for user IDs, in order to maintain their Roster profiles and generate HECM Counseling Certificates directly from FHAC. Information for registering in FHAC is available at: https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/housing-counseling/hecm/origination/#fhac-user-id 

The Application Coordinator must certify employment of HECM counselors (within their agency) in FHAC before the names will appear on the HECM Counselor Roster website.

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