How does a Mortgagee complete the onboarding process for the EAD Portal?

Newly approved Mortgagees and existing Mortgagees who have not yet onboarded to the EAD Portal must establish a presence in the EAD Portal in order to submit appraisal information to FHA.
Before Onboarding
To prepare for onboarding, Mortgagees should first:

  • Ensure that all individuals within their organization who will be designated as EAD Administrators have or will obtain valid FHA Connection (FHAC) user IDs.
  • Review the user documentation available on FHA’s EAD Portal web pages at:
  • Have all EAD Administrators and EAD users view the following pre-recorded training modules available from FHA’s Single Family Archived Webinars web page at
    • FHA Training for Lender Users: 100 – FHA Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) Portal
    • FHA Training for Lender Administrators: 101 – FHA Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) Portal

Start the Onboarding Process
To begin onboarding, for each active Lender ID, Mortgagees must:
1. Designate and then register an EAD Administrator in FHAC.  A Mortgagee’s FHAC Application Coordinator must assign the EAD Administrator role to an EAD Administrator via the FHAC ID Administration page on the ID Maintenance menu in FHAC.
2. Have the EAD Administrator retrieve their 'Appraisal Portal One Time Key' generated by and available in the FHAC User Profile screen in the ID Maintenance menu. This will be needed for the last step during EAD portal registration. Note: the 'Appraisal Portal One Time Key 'cannot be used to access the EAD portal directly from the portal’s main login page.
3. Wait for an email from (this could take up to two days), and then follow the link to register in the EAD portal. To ensure you receive this important email, please add this email address to your address book so that it is not held up in spam filters or “junk” email boxes.
4. Set up an Administrator profile in the EAD portal, using the information found in the EAD Portal Lender Administrator Guide available on FHA’s EAD portal web page at:
During the Onboarding Process
Onboarding to the EAD portal takes place in a live environment. This means:

  • Any appraisals a Mortgagee transmits to FHA via the EAD portal while onboarding become the appraisals of record, and any updates to these appraisals must also be submitted to FHA via the portal.
  • Once you complete onboarding, there is no FHA authorization or approval process required for Mortgagees to begin using the portal for their appraisal submissions.

For additional information, including fact sheets and user guides, please visit the Electronic Appraisal Delivery web page at or the EAD Onboarding Page at: 

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Topic Number: KA-03373