What Credit Watch Termination criteria affects a DE Lender's Origination or Underwriting authority?

FHA may terminate the origination or underwriting authority of any lender whose default and claim rate exceeds both the national default and claim rate and 200 percent of the default and claim rate within the geographic area served by a HUD field office.  A lender whose authority has been terminated under Credit Watch is prohibited from originating or underwriting FHA-insured Single Family Mortgages within the area of the HUD field office(s) listed in the Credit Watch Termination Notice. 

Termination of origination authority under Credit Watch is at the branch office level within the HUD field office jurisdiction(s) cited in the final termination notice. 

Termination of Direct Endorsement underwriting authority under Credit Watch is at the institution level within the HUD field office jurisdiction(s) cited in the final termination notice. 

The lender’s general FHA approval and supplemental authorities remain unaffected.  

Mortgages that closed or were approved before the termination of origination or underwriting authority became effective may be endorsed. Cases at earlier stages of processing cannot be submitted for insurance by the terminated lender. However, the cases may be transferred for completion of processing and underwriting to another lender authorized to originate or  underwrite FHA-insured mortgages in that area.  

A terminated lender may request to have its origination or underwriting authority reinstated no earlier than six months after the effective date of the termination.  

For additional information see Handbook 4000.1 V.E.3.a.iii. at:

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