Who do I contact if another FHA-approved Lender is unresponsive to a request to transfer an FHA Case Number?

The original FHA-approved Lender (lender), upon request from the borrower, must make the transfer electronically utilizing FHA Connection. If the transferring lender is uncooperative, prior to contacting HUD, the new lender should attempt to resolve the situation with the original lender at a management level. If HUD cannot reconcile the situation with the original lender, HUD staff will transfer the case number or cancel the existing case number so that a new case number may be issued, as appropriate.

FHA-approved Lenders can email the following items to the Director of Processing and Underwriting Division in the appropriate Homeownership Center (HOC) containing the following:

(1) The steps taken by the lender to try and accomplish the transfer.

(2) A listing of the fees (if any) the original lender has requested be paid.

(3) The resolution, if any, to the request for payment of fees by the original lender.

(4) A letter signed by the borrower stating the borrower wants to work with the new lender.

(5) Attach a completed Case Transfer Request form and follow the instructions on the form. The form is located at https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/housing/sfh/lender/origination/case_processing_req

Please send the request to answers@hud.gov and include your lender name, telephone, email address and contact information so that we may respond to your request. Please do not send the request multiple times. You cannot request a case number cancellation on either an endorsed file or on a case number that your company does not hold. Include the type of request (case transfer) and case number in the subject line. Attach documents to the email as a PDF file.

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