How do I correct, update, or renew my information on the appraiser roster listing?

To update, correct, or renew your information in the appraiser roster:

1. Go to the FHA Connection (FHAC) at

2. Enter your FHAC User ID and Password and click Sign On.

3. Select ID Maintenance from the menu bar at the top of the page.

4. Click Appraiser Roster to access the Appraiser Update screen.

5. Change your information as needed and enter your email address in the Confirm E-mail field.

6. Read the Appraiser Certification and check the box if you agree.

7. Click Send.

8. If the license expiration date was updated successfully a warning appears indicating the application information was entered successfully however the process is not complete.

9. If the license expiration date was updated successfully, use the Browse button in the License Information section to upload a PDF copy of each renewed State License.

When the Appraiser Roster update is requested, a check is made in CAIVRS, LDP, & EPLS. The appraiser is removed from the Roster if a record is found in any of these systems. The Appraiser Roster Update/Renewal Results page appears when the changes are successfully processed. If there is a possible record for the appraiser on the LDP list or EPLS, a Warning message stating the Appraiser Roster Update/Renewal is being held for HUD review is displayed instead of a success message. An email notification will be sent to the appraiser with the results of the HUD review.

For more information about the FHA roster for appraisers please visit

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