How does an FHA approved Mortgagee respond to a Notice of Deficiency (NOD)?

A Notice of Deficiency (NOD) is issued when an FHA-approved Mortgagee has not completed ALL parts of the annual recertification process within 90 days of its fiscal year end.

Mortgagees that receive an NOD should immediately log into the Lender Electronic Assessment Portal (LEAP) and submit the missing items.

• Supervised, Nonsupervised, and Investing Mortgagees are required to submit the online certification, remit the recertification fee, and submit financial statements.

• Government Mortgagees are not required to pay a recertification fee or submit financial information. As a result their annual recertification process consists only of the online certification component.

FHA's issuance of the NOD is not an administrative sanction and does not prevent FHA-approved Mortgagees from conducting business as usual such as adding branches, retrieving case numbers, underwriting, closing or performing any other FHA-related processes.

The Annual Recertification and LEAP Information pages can be viewed at under "Approvals and Renewals”.

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Topic Number: KA-02794