How can a Mortgagee obtain a list of their indemnified loans in Neighborhood Watch?

A Mortgagee can obtain a list of loans that have indemnification agreements executed between their institution and HUD using the non-public version of the system ( and by performing the following steps:
  • Click “Indemnification” under the “Queries” tab on the Neighborhood Watch home page 
  • Enter the first few letters of the Mortgagee’s name or the 5 digit FHA ID, check the box for “Indemnifying” and click “Submit”. 
  • Confirm the Mortgagee’s name selection and click “Submit”
  • Select and Enter the applicable Date Range for the list of indemnification agreements you wish to view and click “Submit”
The Indemnification Query results will provide a list of mortgages where the Mortgagee has executed an indemnification agreement with HUD, irrespective of the insurance status of the mortgage or expiration of the indemnification agreement.
A comprehensive list of Help topics can be found in Neighborhood Watch under the “Help/About” tab on the Neighborhood Watch home page.

Neighborhood Watch can be accessed by approved Mortgagees at

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Topic Number: KA-02613