Are automatic extensions allowed to perform the first legal action initiating foreclosure?

Mortgagees must utilize a Loss Mitigation Option or initiate foreclosure within six months of the date of default. HUD provides automatic 90-day extensions to these deadlines under certain circumstances. HUD provides a description of when a mortgagee is allowed to use an automatic extension that is outlined in, Automatic Extensions to HUD’s Initiation of Foreclosure Timeline. The automatic extensions are available to mortgagees without the requirement for mortgagees to obtain HUD approval via the Extensions and Variances Automated Requests System (EVARS).
HUD’s guidance on automatic extension to foreclosure-related deadlines is located in Handbook 4000.1 III.A.2.r.i.(D)(2) available at:
Mortgagees may also access the Automatic Extensions to HUD’s Initiation of Foreclosure Timeline on The Single Family Housing Policy Handbook (SF Handbook; HUD Handbook 4000.1) Supplemental Documents web page at:

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