How can a Mortgagee get a list of their seriously delinquent loans in Neighborhood Watch?

Mortgagees may obtain a list of their seriously delinquent loans by using the Early Warnings - Single Lender reporting option in Neighborhood Watch.  Neighborhood Watch data included in the Early Warnings reporting option is updated on a monthly basis.
  • From the Early Warnings tab on the Neighborhood Watch home page select Single Lender;
  • Type the first few letters of the Mortgagee’s name or enter the 5-digit FHA Lender ID, and select 2 Year FHA or 2 Year FHA – With Streamlines from the Loan Portfolio drop down list and click Submit;
  • Select the Mortgagee’s name from the drop-down list and click Submit;
  • Under Mortgagee Selections select Originator by Institution or Direct Endorsement Lender;
  • Under Delinquent Choices select Seriously Delinquent;
  • Under 2 Year Performance Period select the most recent period end date; and
  • for Show Data For select Nationwide Totals, then click Submit.
A table showing the performance of loans originated or underwritten by the Mortgagee as of the most recent 2 year period is displayed.
To view a list of cases that are seriously delinquent or for which a conveyance claim has been paid, click the blue hyperlinked number under the column labeled Total Seriously Delinquent and Claims.  Select the desired Report Option and click Submit.
A comprehensive list of Help topics can be found in Neighborhood Watch by clicking the  Help/About tab.
Neighborhood Watch can be accessed by Mortgagees at:
Information on Neighborhood Watch can be accessed using the Neighborhood Watch link in the Lender Performance section at:

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