How does a Lender's EAD Administrator change a general user's password for the EAD Portal?

The following procedures should be used by the Lender’s EAD Administrator to change a general user’s password. The Change Password option may not work correctly on browsers other than Internet Explorer.

1. Log onto the Electronic Appraisal Delivery portal website:
2. From the EAD portal Home page, click the Account Administration tab and select User and Business Unit Administration.
3. From the Administration- Home page, click Users in the left navigation bar.
4. From the Administration – Users page, locate the Modify User section.
5. In the Select User drop-down list, select the user you wish to edit.
6. Click Edit.
7. From the Edit Users page, locate the Change User Password section.
8. Enter a new password in the New Password field and Repeat the new password in the Retype New Password field. Passwords cannot be the same as the user ID and must be at least eight characters long, using letters, numbers and special characters. For more information, see the Password Strength Rules in Appendix E of the EAD Lender Admin Guide.
9. Click Save.
10. When saved, the password changed successfully message appears.

An email notification is sent to the general user telling them their password has changed. The email does not provide the new password. The EAD Administrator must provide the general user with the new password. After logging in with the new password, the general user is prompted to create a new secure password after answering the personal challenge questions.

The EAD Lender Admin Guide is available on the Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) Portal web page at

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Topic Number: KA-02348