How do I request an increase to the loan limits in my area?

Per Mortgagee Letter 20-41, requests for a change will only be considered for counties for which HUD does not already have home sales transaction data for the calculation of mortgage limits.  FHA Mortgage Limits by Counties can be found at:
If HUD does not have sales transactions for a county, any requests to change high-cost area Mortgage limits determined by HUD must be received by the FHA Resource Center by email at no later than 30 Days from the publication of the limits each year.
Each request to change Mortgage limits must contain sufficient housing sales price data, listing one-family Properties sold in an area within the look-back period, January through August of the previous year. Requests should differentiate between Single Family residential Properties, and condominiums or cooperative housing units. Ideally, data provided should also distinguish between distressed and non-distressed sales.
Any changes in area Mortgage limits as a result of valid appeals will be retroactively in effect for case numbers assigned on or after January 1 of each year.

Documentation supporting requests for local area increases in all areas may be sent by email to: 
For additional information, see:

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