How do I become a mortgage insurance refund tracer?

There are a variety of companies that may solicit individuals to become mortgage insurance refund tracers. HUD is unable to validate the legitimacy of companies soliciting people to process HUD refunds. These companies or individuals may seek to sell you information to process mortgage refunds or hire you directly, however, they do not work for HUD. Processing refunds on behalf of individuals is known as Third Party Tracing. The information obtained by Third Party Tracing is public record and as such, HUD is unable to prevent it's use for commercial purposes. HUD neither promotes the use of this information for commercial purposes, nor reimburses Third Party Tracers for losses incurred in locating mortgagors. HUD encourages homeowners due refunds to contact HUD directly, and assists them with processing their refund for free.

If you are seeking to become a Third Party Tracer, you can obtain information directly from HUD by calling 1-800-697-6967.

If you've been contacted by someone asking you to become a tracer who you believe misled or harmed you, please submit a complaint via the following HUD web site:

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