What do I do when I get a CAIVRS hit on a branch manager's name?

Please advise the branch manager that their Federal debt must be paid, under a repayment plan or cleared by the relevant agency before they may be approved as a branch manager.

The branch manager should contact the collector using the number provided and pay the debt or establish a payment plan.

Once the debt has been paid or a payment plan established, the branch manager should fax a request to 202-755-0303 to be added as a branch manager. Include the SSN of the branch manager, FHA Branch number, CAIVRS number, the debt and confirmation it has been paid or a payment plan established.

If the agency is FHA, please have the person send a fax to (202) 755-0303 to inquire about the amount of the debt. They must provide their full name and any specifics they have on their defaulted FHA loan, including the property address.

HUD Policy Determination

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