What is Neighborhood Watch and how do I access it on-line?

The Neighborhood Watch Early Warning system (Neighborhood Watch) is a secure web-based application designed to provide comprehensive data querying, reporting and analysis capabilities for tracking the performance of loans originated, underwritten, and serviced by FHA-approved lending institutions. It is used by FHA for monitoring Mortgagees as well as aiding Mortgagees and the public in self-policing the industry.  The system is designed to provide information about the performance of loans that are originated, underwritten and serviced by FHA-approved lending institutions by highlighting instances of high defaults and claims among lending institutions by geographic area, loan characteristic, and other factors. 
There are two versions of Neighborhood Watch:
Public Version
The general public may access the public version of Neighborhood Watch at the following link, which does not require a password or user ID: https://entp.hud.gov/sfnw/public/
Non-Public Version
FHA approved Mortgagees and HUD employees access Neighborhood Watch via FHA Connection (FHAC) at https://entp.hud.gov/sfnw/nw/ 
  • Mortgagee employees will need to contact an FHA Connection Application Coordinator for their institution in order to have access granted. 
  • HUD employees must first be registered in FHA Connection and then have a supervisor submit a Centralized HUD Account Management Process (CHAMP) request for access to Neighborhood Watch. 
A comprehensive list of Help topics can be found in Neighborhood Watch under the “Help/About” tab on the Neighborhood Watch home page.

All policy information contained in this knowledge base article is based upon the referenced HUD policy document. Any lending or insuring decisions should adhere to the specific information contained in that underlying policy document.

Topic Number: KA-01497