How does a lender get a replacement "FHA Approved Lending Institution" Seal?

Submit a written request on company letterhead, signed by an authorized official of the company, that explains why a replacement seal is needed. The request must also include the 10-digit FHA Lender ID of the office that needs the seal in order to ensure that only those offices registered with FHA have a seal for display. The replacement seal will be mailed to the lender office that needs it.  Replacement fair housing posters can also be sent if requested.  

If an office is being relocated and its current seal cannot be removed without damaging it, please include the new address in the request to ensure that the seal will be mailed to the appropriate address. 

The request can be faxed to (202) 755-0303, or mailed 

Lender Approval & Recertification Division
451 7th Street SW – Room B-133/P-3214
Washington, DC  20410-8000   

Lender Approval & Recertification Division
490 L’Enfant Plaza East, SW,
Suite 3214
Washington, DC 20024


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