How can a lender request a refund of FHA mortgage insurance premiums?

HUD has implemented a standardized template available on FHA Connection (FHAC) for requesting upfront and periodic Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) refunds.

Lenders must have the following information in order to complete the template:
•  Mortgagee ID,
•  FHA Case Number,
•  Dollar Amount,
•  Reason for Refund, and
•  Lender Designated Email Address.

Lender refund status information can be found by accessing the Case Details in FHAC. Lenders can also find FHA case numbers associated with refund checks by retrieving files in FHAC.

Lenders with questions regarding MIP Refunds may call 1-800-697-6967 or email their question to

NOTE: The Department is currently experiencing an increase in the number of lender refund requests received for processing. As a result of the increase in lender refund requests, lenders may experience a delay in the processing of their refunds of up to three weeks after the normal processing time of 60 days.

Information about obtaining an Upfront MIP refund is available on HUD's Refunding a Payment web page at
Information about obtaining a Monthly (Periodic) MIP refund is available on HUD's Refunds web page at 
To confirm the status of a Monthly MIP refund request click on the Monthly Premium Refunds module link to access the FHA Connection Guide and review pages 11 and 12 for additional instructions.
FHA Connection User Guide

FHAC Message Board 08/11/15

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