Can a Mortgagee approved for the Lender Insurance (LI) program upload requested case binders electronically in the Loan Review System (LRS)?

No.  FHA does not accept case binder submissions through the Loan Review System (LRS).  Mortgagees approved to participate in the Lender Insurance (LI) program who are authorized to submit electronic case binders (eCB) must upload the case binder as instructed in the Electronic Case Binder Developer’s Guide.  LI Mortgagees not authorized to submit eCBs through FHAC, must use the FHA Catalyst: Case Binder Module to upload cases selected for post-endorsement review in LRS. 
Mortgagees approved to participate in the LI program are strongly encouraged to submit eCBs. The Electronic Case Binder Developer's Guide provides information for lenders' software development and maintenance staff regarding the submission of electronic case binders.

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