How do I access the Loan Review System (LRS)?

The Loan Review System (LRS) is accessed through FHA Connection (FHAC). 
The Mortgageeā€™s FHAC Application Coordinator must grant users authorization through the LRS section of the FHAC ID Administration screen in the FHAC ID Maintenance menu. LRS has three user roles that may be assigned to users, each with different access levels and authority to perform specific functions:
  • Read Only - access to query Active Reviews, Completed Reviews and view Reports menu items. Users with this role can view detailed review results, but they cannot edit or submit responses, upload documents, manage binder requests or create self-reports.
  • Response Submission - access to the Active Reviews, Binder Request, Create Self-Report, Completed Reviews and Reports menu items. Users with this role can view detailed review results, edit and submit responses to review Findings, upload documents and/or create self-reports.
  • Indemnification Submission - access to all functions included in the Response Submission role and allows the user to electronically sign and submit Indemnification Agreements in response to unacceptable Findings. Users with this role must have the authority to legally bind the Mortgagee.
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