Why am I receiving the error message: “An Error Has Occurred: A request has already been submitted for the given NAID and SSN/EIN. If you would like to register for the NAID, you will need to be authorized by the existing user.”

The system will issue the error message when someone else has already registered on the NAID Application Portal using your NAID and SSN/EIN.  That existing User must log into the NAID Portal and grant access to other users from the NAID Application in NAID User Login Setup.

The existing User will fill out the Group, First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number.  If the existing user wants to grant authorization to another person to manage user access to the NAID as well, the existing User must select the NAID2 group; otherwise, select NAID.  After this is saved, the newly authorized person will receive an email that will allow them to complete their registration, which allows them to access the NAID to make changes.

The Google Chrome browser is strongly recommended for accessing the NAID Application Portal.

The NAID Application Portal can be access by going to the HUD HomeStore website at: https://www.hudhomestore.com

The "NAID Application Portal Recertification and Broker Change Guide", and the "NAID Application Portal Add New Payee and Add New NAID to Existing Payee User Guide"  are available at  https://www.hudhomestore.com/ListingSiteFAQ.htm

If you or the other user need further assistance, please send a request by email to answers@hud.gov or call the FHA Resource Center at 800-225-5342


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Topic Number: 2018-0020