As the Principal Broker, can I designate someone else to update information on the NAID Application or complete the Recertification?

Yes, Principal Brokers (or Preparer if there is one) have a link within the NAID Application Portal where they can manage who has access to the site to perform updates and recertify.  The Principal Broker can create new users and if there are multiple NAIDs, select which NAIDs the user can access.  If the user is no longer employed or should no longer have access, the Principal Broker can inactivate that user.
This access is managed by going to the NAID Application menu and clicking on NAID User Login Setup at the top left of the main screen.
If you assign someone to the NAID2 group, they can also manage other user’s access, as well as have access to the NAID Application Portal for updates and recertification.  This group can see all NAIDs associated with a single EIN/SSN.  If you assign someone to the NAID group, they cannot access this admin area.
The following information is required when setting up new users:
  • Group;
  • First Name/Last Name;
  • Email;
  • Phone Number; and
  • Add/Remove NAIDs.
Select the Add check box, then click Save to add a NAID for this user. 
To remove access to a NAID from a User, select the Delete check box, then click Save.
Use of the Google Chrome browser is strongly recommended when accessing the NAID Application Portal.
A copy of the NAID-Recertification User Guide for Participating Brokers containing detailed instruction on using the NAID Application Portal are provided at: for your reference.
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The applicant may send a request for additional information by email to: or call the FHA Resource Center at: 1-800-225-5342.

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